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You thought there was more to it?

Justin Grohl by micajobe

Simple and clean, crisp and smooth. The Justin Grohl uses fades and sliding transitions between sections to achieve a modern feel. Large scrolling thumbnails and simple controls make navigation easy. Select color and font variations are included.

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Anthony Iver by kfox

Enjoy the finer side of type with Anthony Iver. Show some style and class with serif type and drop caps in the content. He also brings his refined style to the galleries, with a light and dark version with scrolling thumbnails under the photos.

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Frank Watson by hallwood

Frank gets down to business quickly; no small talk needed. The navigation is clean and easy to understand, yet it doesn’t take away from the images. Navigate galleries with in order or skip around with Frank’s scrollable thumbnail grids. Keep Frank clean and bright in white or mix it up with a custom background.

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Gemma Michaelson by hallwood

A minimalist theme with endless possibilities. Gemma is ideal for photos that speak for themselves. She also has slideshow capabilities and numerous keyboard shortcuts including start/stop slideshow, toggle thumbnails, and next/previous image. She’s the swiss-army knife in the Parade family.

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Felix Fielding by hallwood

Felix gives you a simple, classic, centered layout with unique vertical photo transitions. With a simple navigation and plenty of white space, Felix doesn’t mess about with any clutter. Use Felix when you want to show off your best work.

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Thom LaMontagne by edthehead

Thom is a great theme for galleries with lots of images. It’s ultra simple, with a blog style to vertically scroll through the gallery. Want to see an image in more detail? Click on an image see it fill the browser. Images are loaded on demand so everything is quick and snappy.

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Neil Cohen by edthehead

Minimal and sleek, the Neil Cohen uses horizontally scrolling galleries, with simple navigational controls. Large images smoothly fade in a continuous linear arrangement. Select color and font variations are included.

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