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Articles from August 2009

Feautred Parader: Jeff Seltzer

August 19, 2009

Jeff Seltzer

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I look for organization, pattern, or some sense of order in my images. I’m drawn to places and scenes that might otherwise go unnoticed if not photographed—my images speak only to those who can listen carefully. They are about the intimacy of the seemingly insignificant, and how we fail to see clearly what is in front of us everyday.

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Music on your website

August 18, 2009

So you have all your photos uploaded and your site is ready to go, but wait! Some music would make it even better! ...or would it?

Although it’s a question that comes up frequently among photographers and visual artists, music on your website is rarely a good idea. These aren’t hard rules, but as the owner of a shiny new website, it’s best to try to understand what your audience wants.

Some basic reasons on-site music may not be a good option:

1. Many Internet users already have music playing
2. Most Internet users dislike anything that starts automatically such as pop-ups, videos, background music, etc.
3. You probably don’t have permission to use the song and would be stealing from the artist

There are many more reasons not to use music on your website, but if you still feel the need, there are ways to do it. One option to add music to your Parade site is the Yahoo Media Player. We recommend not having it “Autoplay”. Let the user decide how they want to use your website. For instructions on how to add the player to your Parade site Click Here. Remember not everybody has the same music taste either, what may seem beautiful to one person may be cheese to another.

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