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Featured Parader: Taylor Summach

October 19, 2010

This month we’re excited to announce Taylor Summach as our Featured Parader. The pleasure is doubly ours because we’re also pleased to have Taylor on board as a parade writer.

Hailing from Manitoba, Taylor describes his work this way:

‘What drives me most as a photographer is the satisfaction that comes with taking a good image, though admittedly everyone else’s approval is nice as well. I’ve always loved art and have dreamed of being some sort of artist since I was young. When I began doing visual art of my own, I nearly always wanted to create pieces with bold colors. Admittedly I wasn’t that good. When I first picked up a digital camera and found I could produce those same bold colors in my photographs, I knew I had found my medium.’

Taylor is an emerging photographer, who has had his work featured in Popular Photography and sells some of his work through Getty Images.

(Check out Taylor’s site at

Some comments...

  • Powerful images. Great sense of design, spare, and color that intensifies an eerie mood.

    from Lynn Gilbert on October 20, 2010

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